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The objective of a literature review is to provide a critical evalsuation of the data available from existing studies. Review articles can identify potential research areas to explore next, and sometimes they will draw new conclusions from the existing data.

以下8步可以助你順利完成一篇review article

1. Check the journal’s aims and scope

確定你所要寫的期刊的類型跟目的,這樣確保你的review article符合要求

2. Define your scope

你需要確定review article的研究方向跟你要回答的reserach question。這個研究的範圍不要太大也不要太小,確保你能為你的研究領域貢獻一些新的知識點。

3. Finding sources to evalsuate


4. Writing your title, abstract and keywords

Spend time writing an effective title, abstract and keywords. This will help maximize the visibility of your article online, ensuring the right readers find your research. Your title and abstract should be clear, concise, accurate, and informative.

For more information and guidance on getting these right, read our guide to writing a good abstract and title and our researcher’s guide to search engine optimization.

5. Introduce the topic

開頭段落不需要特別長。但是需要有一個你的topic的總體概括跟背景介紹,介紹為什麽your review of the topic is necessary以及allow your key points to be identified eaisly. 此外,確保你的開頭段落的介紹可以吸引到不是該領域的學者。

6. Include critical discussion

確保你呈現一個辯證的討論,而不是一個簡單的描述性的總結。確保探討到一些有爭議的內容並且一個觀點的兩麵性都有被涉及到。 You can also use your review paper to resolve conflict between contradictory studies.

“Once you have the core review section written, take a step back and look for common trends that emerge. Highlight key advances that have been made and areas where more focused research may lead to high impact. These are crucial to show where the field is heading, and any common pitfalls people have struggled with.”

7. Sum it up

你需要有一個清晰的總結,通過你的研究得出了什麽新的結論。這包括了對於fuure research給出一些相關的建議

8. Use a critical friend


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